Our Health & Safety Commitment to You

Brutti's Catering is taking extra safety precautions until the COVID-19 threat is over

With the current threat level of COVID-19 (Corona virus) issued by the CDC, Bruttis Catering is steadfast in our commitment to the safety of you, our customers, as well as the safety and well-being of our staff, while we do our best to provide the catering and foodservice that we have built our business upon.

Brutti's Catering will focus on reinforcing the following, along with the CDC's enhanced recommendations:
• Proper and frequent hand washing between all tasks.
• Use of foodservice gloves during all food handling in preparation, cooking, and packaging.
• Cleaning and sanitizing all workstations between food preparation and cooking tasks, as well as deep cleaning between shifts.
• Daily sanitizing of all handles, equipment, and high-touch areas before and after use. This includes delivery carts and hot boxes upon return.
• Limiting access to our kitchen of non-required personnel, including delivery drivers, pickup order clients, and any one other than our immediate staff.
• Sending all delivery drivers with two sets of foodservice gloves for delivering and setting up catered meals.

Any of Brutti's Catering staff who are experiencing any symptoms of respiratory illness are not permitted to work, and must undergo testing for COVID-19. Additionally, staff are instructed to keep us informed of any travel and if they believe they may have been in contact with an infected individual.